Multiple Intelligences as Strategy for Teaching EFL to high school graduates



Chapter 1. Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school

1.1 Methodology as a science

1.1.1 Present-day issues of foreign language teaching at secondary school

1.1.2 Current concepts in secondary school graduates EFL

Chapter 2. Theory of multiple intelligences

2.1 Gardner’s theory

2.1.1Linguistic Intelligence

2.1.2Logical/Mathematical Intelligene

2.1.3Intrapersonal Intelligence

2.1.4Interpersonal Intelligence

2.1.5 Musical Intelligence

2.1.6 Spatial Intelligence

2.1.7 Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

2.1.8 Naturalistic Intelligence

2.2. Psychological analysis of Gardner’s Theory

Chapter 3. Learning environment in teaching English conversation

3.1Multiple intelligences in teaching English learners to the senior

forms of secondary school

3.1.1Development of students’ speaking and pronunciation skills

3.1.2Use of the World Wide Web in teaching English to secondary school graduates

3.1.3Use of the VIDEO in teaching English to secondary school graduates




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